Arf is a global platform that offers scalable liquidity to financial institutions through blockchain, facilitating faster cross-border payments without tying up capital in the destination market. An award-winning company, Arf aims to overcome liquidity constraints in the industry by bringing day-to-day transparency to cross-border transactions.

Crait is a solution tailored for e-commerce brands, utilizing artificial intelligence to create product photos and template-based banners. While automating operational processes, it produces personalized and interactive visuals with industry and brand-specific trained models. Additionally, it continuously enhances visual effectiveness by monitoring the performance of the generated images.

Dataroid, thanks to its artificial intelligence-supported analytical prediction capability, conducts a more in-depth analysis of customer attrition points in digital channels for product owners and marketing teams, predicts customer trends, and optimizes the digital experience.

Eatron is a fast-growing technology company dedicated to unlocking the full potential of batteries with intelligent software for all vehicle and battery manufacturers worldwide. Eatron develops an AI-powered edge-to-cloud connected software platform for better, safer, more durable, and greener batteries in automotive, mobility, and beyond.

Homster is an innovative platform that offers cloud-based, automated, and real-time interior design services. It also supports real estate, furniture, and home decor sales while providing individually tailored, AI-powered virtual tours for individuals searching for homes. This platform instantly creates personalized interior spaces based on users' lifestyles, reshaping the interior design experience.

Salus is a personalized health consulting service connecting users with experts including psychologists, physiotherapists, and dietitians. It offers personalized content, online check-ups, and is accessible from anywhere. Salus also provides corporate health benefits solutions.

Trio Mobil offers solutions to prevent accidents and enhance efficiency in industrial operations, aiming to achieve the target of zero accidents. Trio Mobil is the pioneer of AI and IoT Based Industrial Safety Solutions.